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In the future, how and where will we live and work? The topic of sustainable real estate development has long been a focus of Elke Bokelmann and Olaf Minkus. Conserving recources, using climate-positive materials, upcycling, recycling, maintaining biodiverse habitats and supporting artisanal work, together with a high sensibility for aesthetics.

Stadtflucht purchases and rents apartments in old, sometimes ruined buildings and restores them in symbiosis with the environment and historic preservation. Bokelmann and Minkus renew the old, consciously transfer history into the present and curate visionary interiors, considering sustainability to the greatest possible extent.

Bokelmann and Minkus represent the values of an open and free society that emphasises diversity and inclusion. Their diversity is reflected in the design of their spaces, which are accessible and welcoming to all people.


All properties in the „Stadtflucht“ project have a sustainable philosophy at their core. All materials used have been sourced locally and ecologically if possible. All textiles used, such as the bedding, have been made from certified organic cotton. The vintage furniture makes an additional statement upcycled and refurbished, soulful pieces tell a new story in the Stadtflucht apartments. This timeless, circular concept goes a little deeper as well -through the renovation of existing, old buildings, new life is breathed into historic objects. This careful transformation with great attention to details, where the original fabric is maintained, creates a bridge between old and new, between past and future and simultaneously creates a dialogue between these opposites.

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